Pumping satisfies an itch.

Since WriteFreely does not appear to have a built-in facility to hide things behind a fold: This is a Content warning: talk about genitalia, one's dislike of their own body, and fetishes. #CW #genitalia #fetish #fetishes #vacuumpumping #pumping #bodydysphoria #bodydysmorphia

So, now that I have this domain floating around, and have working software... let's talk about pumping from the aspect of a person of color.

I find it to be satisfying to have a lazy day in bed, stuffed in whatever vacuum apparatus I've chosen, just reading a book and letting my junk grow. The idea that someone figured out some time ago that you can create a seal around a body part and remove some of the air from the area to create a vacuum, and that body part changes shape over time fascinates the shit out of me.

That we now have at least a small market of vendors who have embraced this, both medically and recreationally, makes me smile a bit as someone who has (as yet not professionally diagnosed) body dysphoria.

Being able to just lounge in bed with a Monster Sphere suctioned to my groin while reading some random fanfic for a few hours is how I unwind and relax. It doesn't hurt myself or others. If I go long enough, my package actually becomes impressive looking when I put on pants again. And for the hours until things go back down to my pre-pumped size, I can be happy with the massive growth.

I am not a size queen. But I am a size queen. Let's make sense of that: I like big cocks and balls, super plump pussy lips, wide hips and the like. But it's more in the 'worship' aspect than the 'let us screw. performing the benedicktion now.' aspect. I just want to touch, to play with, to make others experience a climax, and if I get one, cool. I don't have to have one to be happy.

And it's not that I hate small things. Rather, I love them just as much, because my brain is fixated on this potential for growth under the insistent pressure of a vacuum pump. I can make it larger, jigglier, spongier, its weight stuck between someone's thighs for hours or even days... And all they can do is let time pass. What if someone sees this? And so the erection grows. It doesn't lose size instantly. It's a forced body change that satisfies the dull ache of dissatisfaction with my existing shape.

I can only hope that we start to see more options and variety on the market, instead of someone rebranding the same super generic clone cock-only tube with really shitty sheet-of-paper-thin gaskets that rip the second time you use them.

Maybe someone should make a silicone one that fits these generic tubes, and make that available...